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Why Go?

People go to therapy to become unstuck, to reduce their emotional pain and/or to overcome their shame or fears.  They wish to be more confident, skillful and satisfied with their lives.

About Therapy
Therapy provides a place where someone can discover his or her strengths, find hope and feel understood.  For couples or families in therapy, it is a place where relationships can be repaired and strengthened, where blocks to communication can be removed and where each person can feel heard and understood.

Most people who come to therapy have been suffering for some time prior to coming to see me.  Fear, shame at needing help and hopelessness or denial may have led them to delay seeking help.  Going to therapy is not a sign of weakness.  It is a courageous, positive step toward changing what is unfulfilled or painful in your life.


Therapy can be short-term, long term or anything in-between.  The decision is yours.  Because you may not necessarily know right away if you will feel comfortable with me or how many sessions you might like, my approach is to discuss this with you in the first session.

About Therapy
If you are interested in continuing therapy, we agree to have a certain number of sessions (usually 6-10).  We assess our progress at the end of those sessions and decide whether to end therapy, continue on our current path, or re-adjust the process as needed.  Most clients like this approach because it tends to keep us on track and yet offers flexibility.


Sessions are typically scheduled weekly.  Weekly meetings provide the momentum needed to create change while also allowing time to process the ideas that come up in our discussions.  Of course, there are times when it may be useful to meet two or more times per week and we can arrange that on an as-needed basis.  It is also possible to meet bi-monthly and at times, this is preferable.  This is also something we can discuss in our first meeting.


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